Sunday, January 1, 2017

Snorkel Mexico Rocks

Mexico Rocks
Mexico Rocks is a shallow patch reef complex located off the northern tip of Ambergris Caye, on  the Belizean Barrier Reef. The site consists of approximately 100 Holocene patch reefs, clustered on a ridge of Pleistocene limestone, and is composed predominantly of boulder corals (Montastraea annularis). The reef has accumulated in shallow (about 2.5 to 5 meters) water over the last 420 years. The Montastraea annularis patch corals that dominate here are unique to Ambergris Caye's northern lagoon and a rare occurrence in Belize. The site was recommended for designation as a marine preserve in 1978, and is still under consideration.  It is seen as an important addition to the caye's ecotourism attractions, being a popular snorkeling destination. The area is known for conch, banded shrimp, arrow crab, flounders, stingray, yellow tail snappers, and an assortment of butterfly fish and angelfish.
We have daily snorkeling trips to Mexico Rocks for 55.usd. Departs at 2: pm returns 5:pm. 

Elbert Greer Break through at Mexico Rocks today. Some tourist wanted to Scuba dive there. After we explained it's too shallow they insisted. We discovered they loved it and booked another group for today. only 15 feet but packed with marine life and sort of a carefree dive with out time or depth concerns. good for students and those who need refreshing.

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Elbert Greer said...

from Trip Adviser
“Mexico Rocks snorkelling trip, best in the area!”
5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 4 days ago NEW
Big thanks to Buzz & crew for by far the best snorkelling experience at Ambergris Caye. Ho Chan channel & Caulker just a frenzy of boats, people and thrashing sea creatures due to the nonsense of chucking feed into the water - really NOT a pleasant experience. The White Sands team took us from our fantastic Hotel Matachica, just 10 mins north inside the reef by boat to Mexico Rocks, and then led us through a fabulous couple of snorkelling swims lasting more than an hour with almost personal tuition and guidance in the water - our group was only 4 people + guide! Very close to turtles, rays, sharks, lion fish, & a myriad of brilliantly coloured reef fish across a huge range of species. Just a fantastic experience and one we will remember forever.
Cost $US72 per head well worth it.
All credit to Buzz & the guys, thanks again, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Visited February 2017