Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DAN Student Membership Program

 DAN Student Membership Program
Complimentary Program for the Entry-Level Diver
Make DAN your dive buddy and join the more than 225,000 divers around the world who support dive safety. DAN is the only organization in the world that specializes in dive medical research and provides the DAN 24-Hour Emergency Hotline.
The DAN Student Membership Program provides enrolled students who reside in the U.S. or Canada up to $20,000 recompression treatment during "entry-level" student training - at no charge to the student or instructor. Coverage ends in six months or when the student completes the last dive required for certification, which ever occurs first. If the student is under the age of 18, they'll need a Parent's or Guardian's consent to enroll.
Student Self-Enrollment
Instructor Online Roster
Print Class Roster
Print Insurance Record
Students: enroll online yourself.
Note: You must reside in the U.S. or Canada in order to participate in this program.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Belize Weather and When to Go

Belize Weather and When to Go
 Belize's high, dry season runs from November to April (making the low season from May to October). Although temperatures can reach 95 degrees, tradewinds will keep you feeling cooler.
The wettest months are from June thru October, although you'll usually also have a fair bit of sun during this time. One benefit of traveling to Belize during the low season is that it is less crowded.   Historically, Belize's hurricanes have arrived in September and October.
Belize is considered sub-tropical -- temperatures range from 50-95F degrees.  November thru January are the coolest months, averaging about 75 degrees. There was a cold snap in January with uncharacteristic lows in the mountains of the Cayo district. If you plan to travel around Belize, be prepared to dress for cool and warm weather as temperature can vary greatly, depending on location.
 Belize's water temperature averages between 79 and 83 degrees.

Top Ten Dive Sites

1st Place Winner Eagle Ray Canyons            Click on map for larger version
2nd Cyprus Gardens
3rd Tackle Box
4th Esmerelda
5th Pillar Corals
6th Victoria canyons
7th Tuffey
8th Boca Ceiga
9th Tres Cocos
10th Victoria Tunnels

Everyone seems to be concerned about the sites name. My personal philosophy is very different. Just throw me in anywhere on Ambergris Caye, it swims around!.