Thursday, October 9, 2008

White Sands Dive Shops newest edition Juan Carlos Montejo

Juan Carlos is a Master Boat Captain, PADI Divemaster and Licensed Tour Guide. He brings with him years of experience in Ambergris's waters, He is known locally as 'The Chosen One' for his ability to calm rough seas.


PADI Staff Instructor Elbert Greer said...

Juans nick name has always been 'Chosen One' Divemasters run in his family and its said Juan can calm the seas when its rough.

Jessica's Mom said...

Are Tony and Louis still working at White Sands Cove?

PADI Staff Instructor Elbert Greer said...

Hea Jessica's mom,
Tony is, Lewis has been replaced by Tony's brother Junior who is a PADI instructor.

Dive4Fishies said...

We miss you and love you Carlos!!

Love, Ari, Laura and Alex

Carletta said...

He calms the seas and also charms the rays. He is truly amazing! I dove with him when he was at Ramones. Looks like I'll be diving farther north next time